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My Story


In June 2009, my best friend sent me a text to invite me to her Scentsy Party.  I didn't go to parties for anyone, but the text was followed up with a phone call that she didn't know if anyone was coming as she didn't send out the invites!  I said I would come.  I had never heard of Scentsy and had just purchased a new home, so figured I would purchase something for my home.  I arrived at the party and there where a ton of people there.  I didn't even smell any-her two year old son was caring around Lucky In Love.  I ordered that and a plug in and left as I had done my part.  A week later, my purchase arrived.  I plugged it into my outlet in my master bathroom.  I could smell it all throughout the house.  Immediately called the consultant,  and told her I wanted to have a party so I could get more.  I lead with the disclaimer that I am not sure how well I would do as I never attended any parties that my friends had hosted, so I was not expecting them to attend mine, but I was going to give it a shot!  I had a full house and had a hard time picking out so much free stuff.  A couple months later, my friends contacted me and wanted more.  I did another book party and got more free stuff.  We would sit in our cars over lunch smelling the scents.  I then realized this was going to be a huge opportunity.


In February 2010, I started my Scentsy business.  I was nervous, but my background was sales, so I knew I could do it.  My first month I sold over $4,000!  Then in March 2010, I had three people contact me to join my team.   Having a degree in Marketing and Management, I enjoy sharing ideas with them to grow their business and the excitement that they have when they are doing good.


The best part of Scentsy is seeing the excitement when people are at the parties, smelling and sharing memories of scents.  I love delivering a party's orders as the hostess can't hardly wait for me to get it out of my car.  Scentsy has truly changed my life.  It gives me great joy in making people happy and helping others.


Since I joined, I have earned trips to the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Mexico, and Nashville!!!  I have made life-long  friendships. all over the world! I can not imagine my life without Scentsy!  We have about 100 consultants on our Scentsy team!!!


This is our family business!  I am the lucky mom to Darby and Tamzin, and wife to Travis.  We all participate in putting orders together by smelling all of the bars!  (We call this quality control!)  We are equally obsessed with making our whole world smell amazing!!!


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